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About the Company

Stratum Logic LLC is an electronics design and product development company leveraging many years of experience in electrical engineering, product development and technology program management. We help our customers to design complex products, manage development process and launch products for variety of industries such as: telecommunication, power, automotive, test and measurements and many others.

Stratum Logic was founded in 2007.

The product development services offered by Stratum Logic include the following:

Hardware Development

Stratum Logic design team is a leading supplier of design services for the electronics industry. Focusing on embedded computing within the networking and other industries, our team can provide full turn-key solutions or compliment our client’s in-house team with additional resources.

Our staff has extensive experience in high-speed digital hardware and analog development. Having gained this experience working with both small and large corporations, our team is adept at balancing the needs for quality through design-to-cost, design-for-test and design-for-manufacturing (DTC/DFT/DFM), with the need for quick time-to-market.

FPGA Development

Stratum Logic is a FPGA design center with advanced capabilities in Xilinx, Altera and Actel devices. We have design expertise on all major platform technologies and advanced tools such as ISE, Quartus II, ModelSim, MATLAB/Simulink, System Generator, ChipScopePro, DSP Builder, SOPC Builder and others.

Firmware Development

Stratum Logic has extensive experience in the development firmware for real-time applications. Our software team can provide a complete solution or complement our client’s existing team to smooth peak resource loading.

Algorithm Development

Many of todays complex applications require creating real-world implementations of abstract mathematical models. At Stratum Logic, you will find a team of experienced engineers capable of converting a modeled algorithm into an application running on an embedded platform. We work with our customers to architect a system uniquely suited for the application considering performance and how tasks should be shared between hardware and software.

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